• Alonzo Bodden and Joe Rogan Talk Gun Laws
    In the United States, access to guns is controlled by law under a number of federal statutes. These laws regulate the manufacture, trade, possession, transfer, record keeping, transport, and destruction of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories.[1] They are enforced by state agencies and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). In addition to federal gun laws, all state governments and some local governments have their own laws that regulate firearms. The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, although there was a lack of clear federal court rulings defining the right until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it protects any individual's right to keep and bear arms unconnected with service in a militia for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home, in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008). This was followed up by the Supreme Court affirming in McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010) that the Second Amendment is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and thereby applies to state and local laws as well as federal laws.
  • Joe Rogan Calls Archer John Dudley "Phenomenal"
    This Telly Award-winning documentary features the world's most influential bow hunter, John Dudley, and tells his story through Joe Rogan, Andy Stumpf and other people that he influences. John Dudley: - Professional Archer - 13 World Medals - 3 National Titles - 45 career top three professional finishes
  • Chiappa Little Badger – Survival Gun Review
    The Little Badger from Chiappa is a really interesting offering. I like it so much because it's unlike any other firearms currently on the market. And, it's priced well. Great for teaching young people to shoot because it's so light, and a great option for a survival/bugout bag gun because of it's ultra compact size. The Little Badger would make a great first rifle for young folks or ladies like my wife with a small frame and big attitude. It's reliable, easy to clean, and light weight – which makes it a pretty good choice as an emergency weapon as well. But just like any specialty weapon, it's not for everybody.
     TOP 10 BEST 9MM PISTOLS IN THE WORLD Are you looking for the best 9mm pistols of 2020? These are some of the best 9mm pistols we found so far: 1. GLOCK 19 Gen5 9mm Handgun 2. CZ 75 SP-01 9mm Pistol 3. Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm Handgun 4. Walther PPQ M2 Semi-Auto Pistol 5. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Pistol 6. Beretta APX Carry 9mm Pistol 7. Sig Sauer P226 RX 9mm Handgun 8. Heckler & Koch USP Compact Semi-Auto Pistol 9. Sig Sauer P320 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol 10. GLOCK 17 9mm Handgun. When it comes to pistol calibers, 9mm is the most popular option for self-defense, concealed carry, and combat, while still being relatively affordable compared to other defensive rounds. Without a doubt the 9mm has become the gun of choice for those seeking a concealed carry self-defense sidearm. At the same time it’s also made significant headway into the realms of the armed forces and law enforcement. The fact that they’re compact, light, lethal and affordable also makes them an excellent choice for self-defense. But finding the best 9mm handgun is not an easy task especially when you have hundreds of options. That’s why we put together this list of the best 9mm handguns on the market. We’ve researched dozens of guns to narrow this list down to the very best of the best. In today’s video we are taking a look at some of the best-selling handguns on the market. Tens of thousands of customers have collectively chosen these pistols over all the other handguns available on the market.
    As a firearm fan, I desire to claim virtually every one of them. Yet, I review a period not very far in the past when I scorned “vintage” army overflow (or “milsurp,” as they’re regularly known) guns. All things considered, in a self-protection circumstance in current America, what great would an old whip fight rifle […]
  • Focus on Fit, Form, and Function while choosing a handgun for self-defense.
    Picking a handgun is ought to be basic. We are amidst a brilliant period of handgun advancement, with plenty of very much made, trustworthy choices. For certain shooters, this is an issue; the colossal variety of choices can be overpowering. You can track down a model that accommodates your hands and your requests on the […]
    Beretta has been occupied with new item deliveries as of late and keeping in mind that most of the new merchandise are extensions of current lines, the new BRX1 rifle is a totally new plan. Beretta USA has dispatched another handgun to their revered 90 lines, the red-spot optic-prepared 92X RDO, which has a slide […]
    Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus, meaning bow. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. Archery is a great sport for building confidence quickly. The feeling of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal – whether it's drilling a bull's eye or executing a great shot – helps you build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Archery is also great for improving focus, patience and even math skills.
  • BL Diana Air Rifles
    An air gun or air gun, is a gun that fires projectiles pneumatically with compressed air or other gases that are mechanically pressurized without involving any chemical reactions, in contrast to a firearm, which pressurizes gases chemically via oxidation of combustible propellants that generates propulsive energy by molecular bond. Pump air guns are designed with a lever that acts as an air pump for the gun. In order to fire it, the user must pump the lever to pressurize the internal reservoir. Once the pressure is built, pulling the trigger releases this pressure and propels the pellet forward out of the barrel.