• Tradition Buckstalker Review
    The Traditions Buckstalker is an excellent black-powder rifle for hunting medium to large game. Accuracy, knockdown power, and an extended hunting season are all benefits
  • Browning X-BOLT Review
    I’ve needed to do this survey for some time now and after a new trip with the x-bolt, I had enough new in my psyche to raise about this rifle and do the audit.   What is the Browning XBolt for?   Appears to be a senseless inquiry, yet it’s not. The Browning X-Bolt isn’t […]
  • Budget Friendly Firearms For Everyone
    It should come as no shock that even firearms enthusiasts are trying to stick to a budget. Lucky for everyone who wants to purchase a firearm this year, there are some affordable guns on the market. It does not matter if you are new to the art of shooting or if are experienced, gun sales […]