Mossberg MC2c

With a good MSRP, good ergonomics, and good accuracy and reliability, Mossberg’s brand-new MC2c pistol is a practical choice.

The brand-new Mossberg MC2c is the company’s second 9mm handgun introduced in the last two years. Before the MC1sc was introduced in 2019, Mossberg had not produced a semiautomatic handgun in the company’s 100-year history. The subcompact MC1sc was a big hit, and now the company has released the MC2c that is a little bigger in size and magazine capacity. It’s still small enough to conceal easily, but its barrel is 0.5 inch longer, and magazine capacity has been doubled.


Like the MC1sc, the MC2c has a polymer frame and a striker-fire mechanism. The barrel is 3.9 inches long. The double-stack magazines hold 13 and 15 rounds of ammunition. The 15-rounder is extended, whereas the 13-rounder fits flush with the bottom of the grip frame. Made in Italy by Mec-Gar, both magazines have “Mossberg” stamped on one side and “MC2” on the front of the bodies. The bodies are metal and finished in black, and they have witness holes and round counts stamped into them. The followers are polymer, and the polymer bases are removable. While the MC1sc accepts Glock magazines, the MC2c does not. It uses only the proprietary magazines.

According to Mossberg, five versions of the MC2c are planned: all-black; two-tone (black frame with natural stainless slide); with or without a crossbolt safety (the crossbolt safety is reversible); and an all-black model with TRUGLO TRITIUM PRO night sights. All models of the MC2c have stainless-steel slides and barrels. The barrels and the black slides have a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating for corrosion resistance.

DLC is a nitride-type finish, and it creates a hard protective coating while enhancing lubricity (slickness). It reportedly does have some of the properties of diamonds. As one writer put it, “Although DLC appears smooth to the naked eye, it actually has the form of a microscopic cobblestone street.”


My MC2c is the all-black version with no crossbolt safety, and it is 7.10 inches long and 4.90 inches tall (from the bottom of the flush-fitting magazine to the top of the rear sight). Surprisingly, the MC2c is quite thin for a high-capacity pistol. The slide is just 0.90 inch thick, and the thickest part of the pistol (the slight palmswell of the grip frame) measures only 1.10 inches according to my caliper. The grip circumference at that place is 5.38 inches. According to my digital scale, with an empty 13-round magazine inserted into the grip frame, the MC2c weighs 22.9 ounces.


Compared to the Glock 48, the MC2c is smaller in every dimension and holds three more rounds. Compared to the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, the MC2c is an inch longer, the same in height as the Shield with a seven-round magazine, and as thin as the Shield except for the palmswell area.

The face of the MC2c’s trigger is flat and fairly wide. It measures 0.38 inch wide. Flat triggers are said to aid in squeezing the trigger straight back, which in turn should help keep the sights on target during the trigger pull, making repeat shots more precise. My pistol’s trigger pull averaged 6.2 pounds over a series of five measurements with an RCBS trigger pull scale. It wasn’t particularly short or crisp, and the variance between trigger pull measurements was 20 ounces. It felt more consistent than those figures would indicate, and that good feel along with the wide, flat trigger allowed me to shoot the pistol well, but I’ll get into the details of my shooting results later.



The sights on my MC2c are steel. The rear sight has two white dots, and the front sight has one white dot, and it’s slightly larger than the rear dots. I like this feature because when acquiring the sight picture, the front dot appears quickly, and draws my eyes to it. I learned to shoot handguns the old-school way by focusing on the front sight (as opposed to the new-school way of using a red dot positioned where the rear sight would be as is de rigueur these days), and the MC2c’s setup makes concentrating on the front sight pretty easy. I would do better if the rear sight was all black or if it had a white-outline notch instead of the two white dots because I have never been able to shoot pistols with two-white-dots-type rear sights very well. But that’s a personal matter.

Mossberg MC2c Specs

Manufacturer: O.F. Mossberg & Sons;
Type: Striker-fired autoloader
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 13 and 15 rounds
Barrel: 3.9 in.
Overall Length: 7.1 in.
Width: 1.1 in.
Height: 4.9 in.
Weight, Empty: 22.9 oz.
Grips: Integral to polymer frame
Finish: Black DLC
Sights: Drift-adjustable two-dot rear, dot front
Trigger: 6.2-lb. pull (as tested)
Safety: Trigger lever

The MC2c’s slide grasping grooves are forward-angled and located at the front of the slide and also at the rear of the slide. They are designed to provide a secure purchase. The rather large magazine release is steel, has the same texturing as on the grip frame, and is reversible.

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