Celerant Technology’s FFL retail software integrates with Weapon Depot, an online marketplace and auction site that connects dealers with outdoor hunting enthusiasts. Through Celerant’s point of sale, dealers can upload products and manage orders on WeaponDepot.com, enabling them to expand their online market reach, while managing their entire business and compliance in a single system.

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Celerant + Weapon Depot: How it works

  • Upload products and images on WeaponDepot.com from Celerant’s eCommerce
  • Sell products on Weapon Depot at a fixed price or for auction
  • Automatically categorize products on Weapon Depot’s website using Celerant’s department structure
  • Pull orders from Weapon Depot back into Celerant’s retail software, alongside orders placed on Celerant’s point of sale and/or eCommerce platform
  • Have inventory levels automatically reflected across all channels
  • Fulfill orders with your own inventory; or route the order to your distributor for drop shipping


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