What is Explore?

Explore is a guest blog for the firearm industry powered by Weapon Depot. Explore articles & reviews from our community of authors with expert insights into the shooting, hunting & outdoor industries.

Is it free to use Explore?

Yes! It will always be free to share articles, read content & leave comments on Explore.

Who can share articles on Explore?

Anyone with experience in the firearm industry. Explore welcomes all content creators, product reviewers, and industry professionals to contribute. All we ask is that you keep the conversation on-topic. You can read our full guidelines here: https://explore.weapondepot.com/guest-blog-submission-guidelines/.

Am I allowed to syndicate my existing blog?

Yes, when creating a new article you can choose to provide the URL of the original content. This will provide attribution to your syndicated blog on Explore. You can also use our Quick Add feeature to quickly syndicate a new article.

What kind of media can I include in a blog post?

Contributors can embed photos, videos, audio files and podcasts to any blog post.

How do I tag a product to my blog post?

We make it easy to tag products for sale on Weapon Depot to any blog. Look for the Related Products section on the Add New Blog post form to tag products for sale.

Still have questions about Explore? You can always contact us for additional help!