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The Smith & Wesson Equalizer: A Perfect Blend of EZ and Shield Series

Product Review: Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER Micro-Compact Pistol

Level the playing field with the Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER, our best-performing micro-compact pistol to date. Designed for concealed carry, this 9mm powerhouse combines next-gen EZ technology, low recoil impulse, and versatile magazine capacity, offering the ultimate CCW solution. With 10, 13, and 15-round magazine options, the EQUALIZER delivers the perfect balance of power and capacity. Its single-action trigger provides a short take-up, clean break, and fast reset, enabling rapid follow-up shots. The EQUALIZER is packed with features to enhance your shooting experience. The easy-to-rack slide accommodates various needs, while the optic cut pattern allows for the mounting of your preferred sight, ensuring enhanced accuracy. The 3.675″ barrel extends the sight radius, providing increased precision with iron sights. The pistol’s grip texture and pattern are optimized for recoil management, firm grip, and comfortable concealment. Additionally, the picatinny-style equipment rail allows for the attachment of lights or lasers, while the Armornite corrosion-resistant finish ensures durability. With three magazines included and a compact size, the EQUALIZER is the go-to choice for shooters seeking a reliable and feature-packed micro-compact pistol.
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Understanding the Equalizer’s Design and Features The Smith & Wesson Equalizer is a micro-compact, polymer-framed 9mm pistol that seamlessly combines the best features from the EZ and Shield series, offering gun enthusiasts a highly versatile firearm option.

The EZ Slide: Easy-Rack and Light Racking Slide

One of the standout features of the Equalizer is its easy-rack slide, inspired by the EZ series. This unique trait makes it exceptionally user-friendly, especially for individuals with hand issues or those who find it challenging to pull back slides on standard semi-autos. While not as light as the EZ 380 pistols, the Equalizer’s easy-rack slide still provides a lighter spring press compared to traditional pistols, offering smoother operation and enhanced usability.

Internal Hammer: Combining Safety and Trigger Performance

The Equalizer inherits the internal hammer from the EZ series, contributing to a light trigger pull. When combined with the reduced-power recoil spring of the easy-rack slide, the result is an impressive trigger performance. The trigger pull on the Equalizer is similar to the EZ series, breaking at just under 5 pounds. With a short take-up, minimal creep, and a crisp break, the trigger offers enhanced control and accuracy, making it ideal for concealed carry purposes.

Grip Safety: Controversial Yet Effective

While controversial among gun enthusiasts, the grip safety is a notable feature of the Equalizer. Although the tested model did not have a manual safety, the grip safety ensures additional safety measures without the need for a two-part trigger. It’s important to note that personal preferences may vary when it comes to grip safeties, but for those who find it comfortable and effective, the Equalizer provides an excellent option.

Impressive Capacity: Versatility in Magazine Options

One of the significant upgrades the Equalizer offers over the EZ line is its improved capacity. By adopting the double-stack magazines from the Shield series, the Equalizer provides gun owners with a broader range of options. The package includes three magazines: a flush-fit 10-round, an extended 13-round, and an extra-extended 15-round. These Shield-compatible magazines offer users the flexibility to choose between a low-profile, compact setup or increased grip space with higher firepower.

Optics-Ready and Forward Slide Serrations: Added Enhancements

Unlike the EZ series, which lacks optics compatibility, the Equalizer addresses this concern. All variants of the Equalizer come optics-ready with an RMSc footprint, enabling users to mount red dot optics for improved sight acquisition. Additionally, the Equalizer incorporates forward slide serrations, a feature exclusive to this line. These serrations, coupled with raised “ears” at the back of the gun, offer excellent grip options and facilitate smooth slide manipulations.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Trade-Offs

While the Equalizer brings numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons. On the positive side, it offers an easy-rack slide, low recoil, micro-compact size, high capacity, optics-ready capability, and forward slide serrations. However, it’s worth noting that the controls are not ambidextrous, with only the mag release being reversible. Additionally, the absence of finger tabs on the magazines may pose a slight inconvenience, although Smith & Wesson includes a Maglula UpLula magazine speedloader to assist with loading.

Shooting Observations: Performance and Handling

When it comes to shooting the Equalizer, it truly excels. The easy-rack slide and internal hammer contribute to a lower recoil impulse, resulting in a smoother shooting experience. The trigger pull, classified as a single action, offers a crisp and snappy break, aiding in accurate and controlled shots. The natural grip angle enhances pointing accuracy, and the simplified takedown process ensures hassle-free maintenance.

A Perfect Addition to Smith & Wesson’s Lineup

In conclusion, the Smith & Wesson Equalizer fills a crucial gap in the company’s lineup by combining the best features of the EZ and Shield series. This micro-compact pistol offers a user-friendly design, enhanced capacity, optics compatibility, and improved grip options. Whether for concealed carry or general shooting purposes, the Equalizer provides gun enthusiasts with a versatile and reliable firearm option.

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    Great review! My everyday go-to CCW handgun.

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    Appreciate it. The Equalizer is a fantastic carry gun. Smith is really stepping their game up.

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