It is no big shock that the virus seems to be taking its toll on most of the world and as a result, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) had decided to cancel the 2021 SHOT show. Earlier indications suggested that the show would go on with modifications like people wearing masks and using social distancing measures but, this is not as simple as it seemed. Perhaps no one is surprised that the 2021 SHOT Show canceled.

Joe Bartozzi, CEO and President of NSSF announced the closing on behalf of the organization after remaining in contact with the officials of Nevada during the pandemic. Everyone concerned with the 2021 show planning did their best to come up with solutions to move the 2021 SHOT show forward however, positive rates of the harmful virus peaking made it difficult to continue with the planning period which is key to every successful event. Sadly, the choice was made to cancel the event.

As spikes rise worldwide planning was not possible and other aspects of the event planning like time and logistical just were not going to work out due to the pandemic. As you may imagine, putting on a show as large as the SHOT Show is an effort that takes planning and accountability with the potential for other unknown variables. The remarkable work that has gone into planning the 2021 SHOT Show has kept the NSSF and both the Las Vegas and Nevada officials busy with constant updates and communications to ensure the integrity of the show as well as everyone’s safety.

The amount of support the NSSF has received from the exhibitors of the show has been incredible. As we look forward to the 2022 SHOT Show we have no doubt that it will be the best in the history of the firearms industry. Everyone involved including the NSSF can not wait to come together as a community and enjoy the 2022 SHOT Show. As the unsettling pandemic continues, the NSSF will continue to protect, preserve, and promote our industry and ask for the industry’s continued support during these trying times.

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