pandemic ammo shortage

During the past few months, the United States has experienced record-breaking firearms sales. This is due in part to the nationwide pandemic and the change in global leadership, as well as certain other factors. Regardless of why people are making a choice to buy firearms, as the gun sales rise, it creates a shortage of other things like rounds of ammunition. One reason for this is simple to understand, the people who make the rounds of ammo have been keeping up with the demands of the number of gun owners who usually use the ammo. The new gun users were not added to the planning of ammo production. The good news is that many of the companies who make our bullets and ammo rounds will make plans to keep everyone as well stocked as they can.


You may be wondering what this shortage has in store for someone like a hunter or target shooter who is counting on using a certain amount of ammunition. Well, first it is important to remember to stock up on your rounds but, don’t overdo it too much simply because you know there is a shortage. The first tip is to buy what you need or just slightly more than what you need to ensure that you have enough. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there will not be a shortage forever. Most of the common rounds are what is going to be short. For this reason, now is a great time to buy a less common gun. For example, if you like to target practice and shoot for fun, think about buying a black powder gun or something unique that you have always wanted. Now is the perfect time to do that because chances are there are no shortages of black powder and lead balls from these types of guns.

You can also keep a careful eye on how the shortage is affecting your area. Just call your local gun shop and ask what they have in stock or if they are having problems getting a certain kind of ammo. This will let you know where the shortage stands and how to plan for what is to come.

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