firearm self defense training

The local shopkeeper is just closing up for the night, there is about half an hour left before the close of business and you are making your final selections. You are armed for bear as you just left the shooting range. You made the choice to holster your firearm and you have ammo already loaded. You hear the glass display case break and see the person who caused the damage from your position in the store. So far, the robber has not noticed you. It just happens to be your family business that is being robbed and your brother is the man behind the counter. It is clear to see the man is armed, what do you do? This looting of an area business is one of the many crimes that can happen at any time. The question is, are you prepared to make the right choices when you need to? One of the many things that every firearms owner needs to do, is to make sure that they have taken the time to get the right training they need in order to enter into the three layers of the battle that may arise from this situation.

The moral battle will tell us what our heart of hearts agrees with, the physical battle will tell us if our body can tolerate the actions needed and the legal battle is best left for the lawyers to debate. How you react and which set of choices you make depend on your training. Life-saving choices are always the right choice for so many. It is important to remember that these choices include avoiding an armed conflict or to draw with discipline. Firearms training is key to making the right choices. As with so many other things, the training can differ from state to state and some include some of the laws you need to know about carrying a firearm in public areas. We are not setting up for a debate on ethics here, we just want you to think about what you would do in this situation based on the firearms training and knowledge you have now. In this situation, the person did draw his weapon and the robber was caught and arrested. The best part is that no one got hurt because it ended peacefully. We know that this is not always the case. Because the gun laws are always changing, every shooter has to do their best to keep up with the current firearms law regardless of if that is local, state, or federal. Keeping your knowledge sharp at all times can help you to become a responsible gun owner and that makes the whole community more respected.

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