Hunting during COVID19

Careful eyes on the news show us that we are fighting a war with a virus and the number of people who are infected is on the rise. Having said that, as more people want to escape from the pandemic and find something to do, they start to reconnect with nature. This reconnection includes walks in nature and the desire to go hunting. This trend is encouraging and will benefit the land in many ways for generations to come. In the last year purchases of firearms reached a record level. People who wanted to protect their rights according to the Second Amendment and many first-time gun buyers took the leap of faith and purchased guns. Along with handgun and rifle purchases came the purchase of ammunition and that too shattered records. It seems as if many people are getting ready to protect themselves and protect their food supply by hunting meat.

Just as these numbers are on the rise, so are the numbers that are associated with hunting license sales. Hunters who are laid off or have nowhere to go often spend more time in the woods hunting and taking in nature. For this reason, the hunting license sales numbers have also gone up to record levels. In reality, it was a natural reaction to the toilet paper shortage of 2020. If we can’t find simple things like a few rolls of paper products, how soon before we run out of food to eat? This may or may not be the reality but, the idea is certainly understandable. If there are a few things we can count on, one of them is the fact that there will be food for the hunters who get into the woods and take massive action steps to find a bite to eat. With this comes the need for people to go back to the land which provides well and make their own bullets and other gun-related items as well as find a way to purchase them.

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