Don Higgins: A Renowned Hunter and Outdoor Personality

October 5th, 2021, Don Higgins, the accomplished writer, creator of Real World Wildlife Products, whitetail consultant, and more, joined Jared and Jeremy on an exciting episode of the HUNTR Podcast. As an expert in harvesting giant whitetails, Mr. Higgins shared his valuable insights during this insightful discussion. Be sure to tune in and hear them talk about the thrilling pursuit of chasing giants, the art of hunting the wind, and the importance of patience. Later in the episode, watch Jared and Jeremy’s reaction as they view footage of Mel, the 6th biggest typical whitetail in the Pope & Young record book.

Early Life

Born and raised in Illinois, Don Higgins grew up with a passion for the outdoors and hunting. In the early 1990s, Don and his wife Robin acquired his grandparents’ small farm. This property became the foundation for Don’s hunting journey, as he worked diligently to transform it into a whitetail hunter’s dream.

Professional Career and Achievements

Don Higgins is not just an accomplished hunter, but also a successful author and entrepreneur. He has written numerous hunting books and articles, providing insights into his vast hunting experience and expertise. His work has been featured prominently in “Deer & Deer Hunting,” where he shares his knowledge and tips about hunting big bucks.

Don’s professional career also extends to television. He is a key figure in the outdoor reality show, “Chasing Giants,” where he showcases his hunting skills and imparts valuable hunting strategies to viewers.

As a hunter, Don is particularly known for his dedication to ethical hunting practices and land management. His preferred hunting methods involve fair chase principles, and he is well-known in the hunting community for his commitment to these values.

In terms of notable hunting accomplishments, Don has bagged several impressive whitetail bucks over the years. However, beyond his personal achievements, Don takes great pride in mentoring other hunters and contributing to the broader hunting community.

Role in Outdoor Shows and Films

Don’s charisma and hunting prowess have made him a popular figure in outdoor shows and films. He’s been featured in various hunting videos, offering viewers a glimpse into his hunting adventures and sharing his wealth of knowledge about whitetail deer hunting.

Don’s most prominent role is in “Chasing Giants,” a reality show that follows him and co-host Terry Peer as they pursue monster whitetail bucks. The show is popular among hunting enthusiasts who appreciate Don’s authentic approach to hunting and his commitment to ethical practices.

Final Thoughts On Don 

Don Higgins is a respected figure in the hunting community, known for his hunting expertise, ethical approach, and significant contributions to the outdoor industry. From his humble beginnings on a small family farm to his current status as a renowned hunter and outdoor personality, Don’s journey is a testament to his passion for hunting and his dedication to the principles of fair chase and land stewardship.

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