COVID 19 Gun Shows

The firearms industry and local gun sellers have been hit hard by the pandemic despite the fact that gun sales are on the rise. Many of the small business people who own gun shops count on various gun shows to bring new gun information to gun lovers. It is important to keep in mind that a single event like the local gun show could draw thousands of people under normal conditions. Since the pandemic, gun sales, as well as ammo sales, have been on the rise but, small business gun shops are having a hard time attracting new business with all the canceled firearms shows. Several popular shows were canceled this year including the one held close to Polk County Oregon, the Columbus Gun Show, and the Virginia gun show to name a few. The virus has been taking its toll on almost every city, state, and industry in the United States and it doesn’t stop there.

This national pandemic has created canceled events all over the world. Many people are under the impression that because gun sales and ammunition sales are on the rise everything will be okay for the firearms industry. It is important to point out that even though several local gun shops are filling their shelves with products, there is not enough of a profit margin for the small business owner to sustain being in business during a pandemic. Without networking events, new business and gun sales to many first time clients have reached a set back on many levels. Many of the gun sales are not direct sales from a local business, the rise in numbers is also due to several other factors like online gun sales where the small-time local gun shop makes little to no money from the direct sale of the gun. For the industry to stay stable long term the local firearms sellers are doing their best to pivot with a new marketing plan since the gun shows have all stopped. One of the best things you can do is to support the industry by purchasing a gun and some ammo. Many of the small local gun shops have gone online during this pivot, so the purchase of a firearm during the pandemic will help because it is not just the big name gun sellers who have online guns sales now.

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