Unlock your potential and forge a pathway to college opportunities at the highly-anticipated 2024 Junior Rifle Camps by CMP!

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), renowned for its commitment to promoting safe and responsible firearm ownership, has recently announced the schedule for its 2024 Junior Rifle Camps. These camps are instrumental in teaching intermediate and advanced rifle marksmanship skills to junior athletes each summer.

Fostering Responsible Firearm Ownership

The CMP’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding and respect for safe firearm handling and usage, offering training, competitions, and youth programs. The Junior Rifle Camps are a significant part of this mission, providing young gun enthusiasts a platform to learn and enhance their marksmanship skills.

The Importance of the Junior Rifle Camps

These camps are not only about learning to shoot; they also offer young participants a chance to improve their skills and work towards college opportunities. Instructors at the camps are experienced shooters who provide valuable insights and hands-on training to the participants. Past attendees have praised the camps for their comprehensive approach to firearm safety and marksmanship training.

What to Expect in 2024?

The 2024 Junior Rifle Camps seek to build on the success of previous years, with an emphasis on safety, skill development, and promoting a passion for the sport. Interested candidates can view all camp information and apply through the CMP website.

In addition to the regular camps, the CMP has also announced the return of the Advanced Maintenance Clinics in 2024, offering an opportunity for advanced learners to delve deeper into the mechanics of firearms. Moreover, the CMP will host part 3 of the 2024 Olympic Trials in January, showcasing the high-level marksmanship skills developed through programs like the Junior Rifle Camps.

Preparing for the Camps

Aspiring participants are encouraged to start preparing early, honing their shooting skills and familiarizing themselves with firearm safety protocols. Participation in local three-position air rifle clubs, such as those run by the American Legion, 4-H, and junior rifle clubs, can provide excellent practice opportunities.

The CMP’s Vision

The CMP’s vision extends beyond just teaching firearm use; it is about instilling a sense of responsibility, discipline, and respect for firearms among the youth. As one past participant put it, “The CMP Junior Rifle Camps are not just about hitting the target; they’re about shaping responsible citizens.”

In conclusion, the CMP’s 2024 Junior Rifle Camps represent a valuable opportunity for young gun enthusiasts to learn, grow, and potentially open doors to future opportunities. They embody the CMP’s commitment to promoting safe and responsible firearm ownership, one shot at a time.

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