April 20, 2021

As a gun owner, you can choose from multiple options for safely storing and protecting your firearms when they’re not in use. Check out these secure storage accessories to determine what best suits your lifestyle, priorities and environment.


Wireless Gun Safe MonitorAn electronic monitor can provide awareness and alert you if anyone is accessing your storage device or handling your firearm without your authorization. Some sound an audible alarm, others can be connected to your smartphone.

Electronic Holsters
Electronic holsters are a new type of secure storage device that enable fast access along with security to prevent unauthorized access. Holsters can be mounted or used independent of a mounting system and feature a programmable finger or thumbprint scan.


Be sure to check municipal, county, state and federal law for any requirements about safe storage of firearms and ammunition, as well as requirements about having loaded firearms and the discharge of firearms in your community.

See Gun Storage For Your Lifestyle Options

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