The Innovative KelTec KSG: A Compact and Tactical Shotgun   When it comes to futuristic and innovative shotguns, the KelTec KSG stands out with its unique design and impressive firepower. Introduced in 2011, the KSG’s bullpup layout allowed for dual magazine tubes, providing a substantial 14+1 capacity for 2.75-inch shells. For those craving even more firepower, KelTec developed the KSG25, featuring a staggering 25-round capacity and a futuristic appearance reminiscent of a sci-fi movie.
The KSG’s primary focus lies in the tactical genre of firearms, making it a top choice for self-defense and close-quarters combat. Sporting an 18.5-inch barrel and compact dimensions, the KSG excels in maneuverability, making it ideal for home defense situations. However, the gun’s primary purpose isn’t hunting, and it doesn’t comply with migratory game bird regulations due to its high-capacity magazines.
The KSG boasts an array of tactical features, such as a generous slide with multiple Picatinny rails for mounting accessories like lights and optics. Its 14+1 capacity and bottom ejecting system make it an excellent choice for tactical applications, providing ample firepower without constant reloads.
On the range, the KSG performs admirably with its short-barreled design, well-suited for quick shooting in close quarters. It offers acceptable accuracy at 25 yards with slugs, making it effective for home defense scenarios. The recoil is surprisingly light for its size, comparable to a standard Remington 870. However, the gun requires firm racking to avoid feeding issues, and clearing jams can be a bit challenging due to its bullpup configuration.
Overall, the KelTec KSG offers a unique and tactical option for those seeking a compact shotgun with impressive firepower. Its innovative design, 14+1 capacity, and tactical ergonomics make it a valuable asset for home defense or tactical applications. However, it’s not suitable for hunting or casual shooting, as its primary focus remains on providing a powerful and versatile firearm for tactical enthusiasts and professionals.
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