Mossberg MC2c

Mossberg has been a trusted name in the firearm industry for over 100 years. With the successful launch of the MC1sc, their first semiautomatic handgun, in 2019, they’ve now introduced its successor – the brand-new Mossberg MC2c. This compact yet high-capacity handgun has quickly become a favorite among firearm enthusiasts.

Design and Features

The MC2c is slightly larger than its predecessor, with an extended barrel length of 3.9 inches and increased magazine capacity. Despite these enhancements, it remains easy to conceal and comfortable to handle.

The standout feature of the MC2c is its proprietary double-stack magazines, capable of holding 13 and 15 rounds. These are made by Mec-Gar in Italy and have “Mossberg” and “MC2” stamped on the body. They’re constructed from metal with a black finish, and the polymer bases are removable for easy cleaning.

The MC2c comes in five different models: all-black, two-tone (black frame with stainless steel slide), with or without a crossbolt safety, and an all-black model equipped with TRUGLO TRITIUM PRO night sights.

Performance and Comparison

When compared to other handguns in its category, such as the Glock 48 and the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, the MC2c holds its own. It’s smaller in every dimension than the Glock 48, yet holds three more rounds. In comparison to the M&P9 Shield, the MC2c is an inch longer but matches in height when the Shield is equipped with a seven-round magazine.

Personal Experience

The MC2c is a reliable and high-performing handgun. The flat and wide trigger, measuring 0.38 inches, aids in pulling straight back, increasing the precision of repeat shots. The trigger pull averaged 6.2 pounds, which felt more consistent than the measurements suggested.

The sights on the MC2c are steel, with two white dots at the rear and one larger dot at the front. This design allows for quick acquisition of the sight picture and draws the eye to the front sight.


The Mossberg MC2c is a compact and high-capacity handgun that offers a blend of convenience, precision, and durability. Its unique features, such as the proprietary double-stack magazines and TRUGLO TRITIUM PRO night sights, make it stand out in its category. Whether you’re a seasoned handgun user or a beginner, the MC2c is a reliable choice for any situation.

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