Canik TP9 SA in FDE

Canik is a Turkish firearms manufacturer that has made a name for itself in recent years with its line of 9mm handguns. Their signature TP9 SA and its other versions are exceptional pistols and are loved by those who have used them.

A couple of years ago, my father-in-law wanted to buy his own handgun. A knowledgeable employee at a local gun store highly recommended the Canik TP9 SA. When he first showed it to me, I had never even heard of them, but when I shot it, I instantly became a believer.

Of all the many different handguns I’ve shot, I am the most accurate with the TP9 by a significant margin. Even when shooting double taps and rapid firing, the accuracy and control of this handgun is exceptional. The overall feel and trigger of the TP9 is also extremely comfortable, at least for me personally.


Canik TP9 features and specifications

The Canik TP9 SA is a run-of-the-mill 9mm handgun relative to its contemporaries. Its specifications and features include:

  • 9x19mm caliber
  • 18-round magazine
  • 46” barrel
  • Synthetic polymer frame
  • Standard iron sights with white dots
  • Available in black or FDE for most models
  • 5-pound trigger pull
  • Disassembly button/decocker
  • Accessory under-barrel rail

Other Canik TP9 variants include:

  • TP9 SF – Same as TP9 SA minus the disassembly/decocker button
  • TP9 SF Elite – mid-size
  • TP9 Elite SC – compact
  • TP9 SFX – Competition style
  • TP9 Elite Combat – tactical, optics ready, threaded barrel, enhanced trigger
Canik TP9 field stripped
Field Stripped Canik TP9 SA in FDE

Is the Canik TP9 a good pistol?

By all accounts, the Canik TP9 is a great pistol. The quality of materials, simple design, and superior shootability make them worthwhile for beginner and expert shooters alike.

In my opinion, the trigger is the strongest asset of the TP9. For a trigger that comes standard with the pistol, it’s smooth and light, but not a hair trigger by any means. For other out-of-the-box triggers on many handguns, you’d have to cough up some extra dough to upgrade the trigger for similar results to what comes standard on the TP9.

I also love the overall feel and weight of the Canik. At least for my hands, the TP9 is very comfortable, which adds to its worth.


Is the Canik TP9 a good value?

The Canik TP9 is an unbeatable value for what you get, and they can certainly stand toe to toe with more expensive handguns.

The price for the Canik TP9 SA and its other variant is what catches the eye of most people. At an MSRP of $379 (TP9 SA) for a brand new full-size 9mm, that’s considered cheap.

However, cheap is not how I would describe the Canik TP9. For that price, you’re getting an exceptional handgun. Many Canik lovers are of the opinion the Canik TP9 outperforms pistols 2-3 times the price. Though probably a marketing gimmick, the Canik TP9 has been dubbed “the Glock killer”.



The TP9 line of Canik pistols has gained traction in the firearms world because of its exceptional performance and great value.

Although sales for the TP9 are still dwarfed by industry leaders such as Glock, I have a feeling that won’t last forever. With the growing popularity of the TP9, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the years to come.

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