The Walther PPK: The James Bond Pistol

If you’ve seen any of the James Bond films, you will surely recognize his small and stylish pistol, the Walther PPK.

Designed in 1929, the PPK is one of the most widely produced concealable semi-automatic handguns ever made. This infamous pistol has seen use in many films, wars, law enforcement agencies, and espionage all over the world.

I own a stainless-steel Interarms version of the Walther PPK in .380 ACP that I inherited from my grandfather. It truly is a stylish and iconic pistol, so let’s get into what makes the PPK so memorable.

James Bond Pistol

Walther PPK features

The Walther PPK is a semi-automatic blowback double action pistol that was designed by German firearms manufacturer Walther in 1929. It is most commonly configured in .380 ACP, but other calibers include .32 ACP, .22 long rifle, and less commonly .25 ACP.

A PPK in .380 has a 7 round magazine capacity, 8 round capacity with .32 ACP, and 10 rounds with .22 long rifle. The PPK has an all-metal frame, fixed iron sights, and a manual safety/de-cocker.

For its small stature, the PPK fits well in the hand is extremely concealable. Many modern concealed carry pistols have taken design cues from the PPK, so it can be seen as a trend setter for its category.

How does the PPK stack up against modern handguns?

The PPK is still manufactured to this day, so anyone can get their hands on one easily. With a variety of choices between new and used PPKs, they are not hard to find.

As a tried-and-true concealed carry pistol, you may be wondering if the PPK is still a viable option compared to more modern handguns. My answer to that is a definite yes, but that only goes so far.

Among other .380 ACP concealed carry pistols, the PPK certainly holds its own. On the other hand, with other caliber options such as 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 AUTO, you could get a concealed carry handgun with more firepower for the same size and weight as the PPK.

Due in part to its all-metal frame, the PPK is a little on the heavy side for its size. In addition, there are just so many more polymer framed concealed carry pistols with better magazine capacity to choose from these days. The PPK had a good run, but with improvements in ergonomics, weight, and magazine capacity, there are better and more affordable options out there.

walther ppk

My thoughts on the PPK

I have mixed feelings about the PPK. While I think there are few pistols that look as cool as the PPK, I don’t love the shooting experience.

The recoil is snappy and hard to control, the sights are small and difficult to align, and the slide has the tendency to bite your hand if you’re not extra careful.

Although the PPK is not uncomfortable to hold, there are other pistols that I’ve shot that I prefer. I have nothing against the PPK, and I’m actually a big fan because of the history behind it, but it’s not entirely for me.


The Walther PPK is a sleek and stylish handgun that makes you want to put on a suit and drink a martini. However, with the advancements in technology since it was first designed almost 100 years ago, there are more practical concealed carry options available.

Don’t just take my word for it. Give the PPK a try and see what you think. Who knows, you may end up actually liking it and using it for your everyday carry.

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