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The Traditions Buckstalker is an excellent black-powder rifle for hunting medium to large game. Accuracy, knockdown power, and an extended hunting season are all benefits this firearm offers for the budget minded hunter, especially in areas where high-powered rifles are restricted. With a MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of $218, it’s a hard deal to beat. Just add a scope and you have a rifle that can easily take white-tailed deer within the 150 yard range. So, let’s get started right off the bat with some pros versus cons and then I’ll give you some tips & tricks on my system of hunting with the Traditions Buckstalker.



  1. PracticalThe Buckstalker uses a proven breach crack-open design similar to the majority of other muzzleloaders on the market. It has a threaded breach plug that screws in/out for cleaning. This allows for a pretty standard mode of operation. The breech plug is made of stainless steel and accepts shotgun primers. The rifle comes tapped for mounting a scope from the factory, no gunsmith required. All you need to do is purchase the correct scope mounts (approx. $9).

    2. Simple & Reliable – The barrel is thick and has a nice blued finish. The barrel rifling is visually outstanding (brand new from the factory) and can be easily inspected by simply removing the breech plug. As long as the firearm is kept clean and coated with appropriate products (I use bore butter.), it should function and last quite well. You will get plenty of practice cleaning the Buckstalker as frequent barrel cleanings are recommended 🙂

    3. Accurate -On its clean shots, the Buckstalker is capable of considerable accuracy. I’ve experienced three shot groupings of two inches at 100 yards (2″ MOA). This was with a thorough cleaning between each shot and quality bullets. The trigger weight is ready to shoot right out of the box. The pull was light enough that alterations for better accuracy weren’t really necessary. Again, no gunsmith required. It also has a standard push-button type safety.

    4. Knock Down Power – I’d go as far to say that my Buckstalker will more reliably knockdown deer than any of my 7.62mm rifles. Yeah, that’s right! Nothing compares to the raw knockdown power of a .50-Caliber bullet, similar to that of a 12 gauge slug. That is pretty good considering the Buckstalker is more accurate and pleasant to shoot than any 12 gauge I’ve ever gotten my hands on. I’ve shot several deer with a Traditions Buckstalker and have never had one run more than a few yards. I cannot say the same for any of my other modern rifles. For this reason alone, the Buckstalker deserves at least an 8/10 on the “boom-stick” scale.

The Traditions® Buckstalker™ XT is a compact, maneuverable firearm that combines many of Traditions™ best features into one rifle. The Buckstalker™ has a 24″ blued barrel making it perfect in any hunting situation, from shooting in dense brush or taking long shots across draws and open fields. This gun comes equipped with the Accelerator Breech Plug™ that is removed by hand in just three turns, without the use of tools. In addition, the one-piece stainless steel breech plug permits you to fire both loose and pelletized powder.

The Speed Load System allows for easy loading and more consistent groups, while the Premium Blued Finish helps protect against corrosion and all weather conditions.

The Dual Safety System makes the Buckstalker™ one of the safest guns on the market by equipping this rifle with both a trigger block safety and internal hammer block safety. The upgraded Elite XT™ Trigger System provides the shooter with a precise and accurate trigger pull and the ability to open the action with the cross-bolt safety engaged. The Traditions Buckstalker™ represents one of the best rifle values in muzzleloading.






Barrel 24″ BARREL
Corrosion Protection BLUED FINISH
Accelerator Breech Plug YES
Recoil Pad YES
Twist Rate 1:28 RATE OF TWIST
Ambidextrous Hammer Extension YES
Sling Swivel Studs YES
Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts YES
Fiber Optic Sights NOT INCLUDED
Overall Length 40″ OVERALL LENGTH
Accurate up to 200 Yards YES
Total Weight 6.35 LBS
Rifle Frame Construction LT-1 ALLOY FRAME
Speed Load™ System WITH QUICK-T™ HANDLE
Solid Aluminum Ramrod YES
Traditions™ Lifetime Warranty YES




Final Thoughts:

I’ve shot three white-tailed deer directly in the neck and spine with my Traditions Buckstalker. The bullets passed right through and completely shattered the vertebrae as well as leaving massive exit wounding channels (tennis ball sized) through the neck. The deer literally fell dead in their tracks! This is an excellent advantage when hunting in areas that don’t allow the use of high-powered rifles. In Wisconsin, due to line of site, heavy trees and brush, the Traditions Buckstalker proves to be tactically sound. This puts it at the top of the list in terms of effective shooting during drives, in a tree-stand, or even waiting point at the edge of a field with some yardage to cover. Overall, I would highly recommend the Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifle!

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