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Successful hunts are contingent on much more than just a firearm. No matter the game, terrain, and weather conditions, there is always a piece of equipment that can add to your hunt. No other area of hunting equipment contributes to the excitement of hunting than optics. 

Optic technology has had a far-reaching effect on the modern hunter, whether with a rifle, shotgun, or bow. Targets are locked onto greater distances due to innovative improvements in rangefinders and rifle scopes. Dangerous weather conditions are noticed from farther away by advanced optics binoculars.

Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are at the top of the list of essential hunting optics. Long or short-distance hunting requires the right scope for success. The advancements in rifle scope glass are beyond amazing with multi-coated lenses and reticles designed for a variety of distances and games. 

Rifle scope manufacturers are using proprietary materials for tube construction and advanced techniques for precision reticle design. Powerful magnification ranges, integrated electronics, and space-age materials advance the market beyond imagination.

  • Leupold Mark5 HD 7-35x56mm. Leupold started as a survey company way back in 1907 and today is at the top of technological optic advancements. The Mark5 HD series of scopes is designed for extreme long-distance targeting with its professional-grade optics system. Crystal clear imaging in all lighting conditions. This first focal plane scope features zero lock and zero stop adjustments. There is no finer rifle scope than the Leupold Mark5 HD.

Red Dot

No other area of sporting optics has made advancements like the Red Dot Sights. This technology places the reticle and target on the same plane, allowing a single point of focus. The sight uses an LED to project a red dot onto the target, which only the shooter sees. A Red Dot sight is perfect for short-range scenarios using a tactical weapon or handgun.

  • Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Echo 3. One of the most advanced red dot sights globally, the Echo 3 uses BDX technology to record video and images in 8 different color palettes. Thermal Reflex optic technology is designed to reveal hidden targets in the sight line day or night. 


Quality binoculars can change how you hunt and your success rate. These advanced optics offer crystal clear viewing in low-light and day-light scenarios. Binoculars give the hunter a different perspective on the terrain and nuances of the game you hunt.

  • Broader field of View and lay of the land
  • Track down prey easily and change your approach
  • Spot footprints and rubs in trails
  • Weather affecting game movement is easily spotted

Binoculars are like rifle scopes with varied optics for different hunting situations. Lifetime guarantees are essential with binoculars.

  • Bushnell Trophy 8x56mm. The Bushnell Trophy is the perfect binocular for hunters on a budget. Weighing only 25 ounces and offers fully multi-coated optics delivering stunning, razor-sharp images. Duraguard rubber armor provides a lifetime of use. Nitrogen purged and O-rings sealed to make the Trophy waterproof and fog proof. The large objective lenses have a fast-focus feature for quick target acquisition. 

Spotting Scope

Other than a rifle scope, no other optic is directly related to the success of your hunting trip as a spotting scope. A good spotting scope in the hands of a person who knows how to use it is invaluable. These optics are ideal for producing clear images of the animal species, sex, and size.

A spotting scope is useful for devising your initial strategy for the hunt. Watching your prey’s movement, looking for entry and exit points from where you have the best advantage to make a shot. Finding obstructions that can throw your shot is what a spotting scope is famous for.

  • Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope. Burris is known globally as one of the best sporting optics companies, and the Signature HD is a perfect example of their craftsmanship. The 20x60mm is a Spotting Scope for any hunting application, and with the huge 85mm objective lens, the scope brings in a massive amount of light. High-definition lenses eliminate color fringing and promote edge-to-edge clarity. A built-in sunshade and a “fine and coarse” focusing adjustment make this Spotting Scope one of the best.

Game Cameras

Game cameras and their sub-industry has blossomed into one of the most exciting developments in recent memory. Game cameras started in wildlife management but quickly found footing in other areas where images were needed of wildlife in their natural habitats. Motion-activated cameras are set up along a trail and shoot pictures or videos when the animal breaks the sensor beam. 

Once the cameras and gear are set up, they offer visual proof of where the animals are resting or moving along the trail. Trail cameras are a boon for active shooters hunting in a specific area.

  • Stealth CAM G Series Camera, The Stealth Cam is 10% smaller than previous versions and is customizable to capture images at a designated distance, night or day. The Stealth cam can be triggered out to 100 feet. The camouflage pattern keeps the Stealth G hidden and features re-write technology on its SD Card.
  • Browning 5HD Max Strike Force. Browning has gotten into the trail camera industry in a big way with its full lineup of gear. The Strike Force HD features an invisible infrared flash and 18mp picture quality, and 1800×900 video resolution with sound.  The adjustable trigger and flash and a host of technologies make this camera one of the best for capturing animals in their natural habitat.


  • Browning Tree Mount. Trail camera placement is a critical step in a practical system, and this tree mount from Browning is one of the best. The system places the gimble at the perfect height, no matter the tree’s shape or size. All steel construction with no plastic to break.
  • Spypoint Security Box. This camo-covered steel box is the ideal accessory for securely keeping your camera out of the paws of bears and other climbing animals. The box protects from damage or theft.

Final Word

Consider optics as one of the most important aspects of hunting in the years to come.

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