AR-15 Beginner Gun

Anyone who has ever listened to a news report may already know about a firearm known as an AR-15. However, what is reported on the news about this firearm being a big scary gun that is just awful is not the truth at all. So often this AR-15 is showcased as just evil and there is nothing that could be further from the truth. In reality, this firearm can be a joy to shoot and the perfect start for someone new to rifles. Let’s take a look at what the media has told us about this gun and after that, we will take a look at the reality of what really happens when we explore the AR-15.

First, the news reports tell us this is a fast firearm that shoots off lethal ammunition at a rate of fifteen rounds per second. They tell us this is a big and scary firearm with lots of killing power. Okay, the reality is that a .223 or 5.56 round is not a powerful round when you compare it to other calibers. The next misinformation is that the AR-15 is way less exciting than they have been reporting. In reality, most people who ire this gun are only able to squeeze off a handful of shots that are aimed well within a minute or two. It takes a very skilled marksman to make the rounds fly as fast and accurate as the media and movies suggest.

The AR-15 is an affordable firearm that is cost-effective and fun to shoot. Armed with great ballistics this gun allows any person who wants to shoot the ability to shoot close up or over a long distance up to 500 yards or so. You would think that a gun like this would have a powerful kickback but, the AR-15 recoil is very light and that makes it easy for the beginner to handle well. It causes no fear or discomfort for the first time or second time shooter.

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